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Lori started acting over 25 years ago, but she didn’t really learn how to act until she trained in NYC at Circle in the Square & HB Studio. She studied with Uta Hagen, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Austin Pendleton & Geoffrey Owens just to name a few; and combines their methods in her approach. Lori also shares Uta Hagen’s commitment to offer affordable rates to guarantee training is accessible to everyone. Her first coaching gig came by chance when Philip Seymour Hoffman needed to learn the Toronto accent for his role in Owning Mahoney. He became her greatest mentor in return. Finally being Canadian in this business paid off!

Lori is also known as a Comedian, Voice over artist, Writer and Casting Director. It’s her diverse background that sets her apart as a coach. She worked as a reader/director for some of Toronto’s busiest casting directors to learn what goes on in the room from behind the camera. Then she became a casting associate with Crystal Casting. All her experiences have given her the ability to pinpoint what is hindering an actors’ performance and give them the appropriate tools to overcome their obstacles.  

In addition to her work as an acting coach, Lori proudly serves as the President of Toronto Assoc. of Acting Studios (TAAS) and runs her improv company Playworks WWW.LPPLAYWORKS.COM 

Public Speaking Coach


Teaching actors how to take their auditions to the next level


$100.00/hr or 10 sessions for $900.00 *Sliding Scale pricing available

Coaching is available in studio or on set 

If the location is over 25 kms away for my midtown location, a $25 charge for travel is added to each session. Failure to provide more than 24hrs notice for cancellations will result in charges. 


$25/half hr or $50/hr

These fees apply to questions that require extensive/lengthy advice on subjects such as: auditions, creating a resume, looking for an agent, headshots, need to put an audition on tape or need a reference letter.  Of course if you have a quick question, please feel free to call me anytime free of charge: 416 648 9055


AS AN ACTOR: I caught the acting bug when I was 9 and I did a slew of less than stellar performances in Commercials, TV, Films & Theatre. I was considered a “natural” performer, in the sense that I could memorize a script, and follow direction, but I didn’t really know what acting was all about. The majority of the work I’m most proud of, I did after training in New York. I really learned the craft and how much work it takes to be a GREAT actor. It requires a lot of commitment and I had spent time singing in bands and doing stand up which kept me from seriously focusing on acting. Now that I have the skills, the reality is, there are only so many roles I’m “right” for. This is one of the challenges an actor faces, but I take the opportunity to learn and grow in between jobs. I write my own plays, short films, web series; I do as much as I can to keep working my muscles. 


AS A TEACHER: I was fortunate enough to study with some of the best actors/teachers in the world while I was in New York. I was so inspired by everything I was taught, I felt compelled to share the wisdom. I had taken a lot of acting classes in Toronto, but the classes I responded to most were at Circle in the Square and HB Studio. Techniques include: Stanislavski, Strasberg, Linklater, Boleslavski, Meisner and Hagen.

Uta Hagen: 

Austin Pendelton:

Philip Seymour Hoffman:


AS A CASTING ASSOCIATE: Before I moved to New York I decided to work in casting so I could learn about the audition process from a casting perspective and really understand how casting works. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed being on the other side of the camera and seemed to have a knack for it. In the last 10 years I have been a reader/session director for Powerhouse Casting, Gloria Mann, Marsha Cheslea and Diane Kerbel. I also worked as a casting associate with Crystal Casting and was lucky enough to cast some award winning projects including: Feist's 1234 & My Moon My Man and Jerad Leto's 30 Seconds to Mars music video The Kill.


NOW Magazine voted Lori Pearlstein & Shannon McDonough one of the best ensembles in the 2009 Toronto Fringe Festival for their two hander BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT.

Performers/Creators Lori Pearlstein and Shannon McDonough share strong chemistry. The touching moments and especially the comedy between them work nicely...NOW MAGAZINE

 "...Pearlstein is very talented when she wants to be." EYE MAGAZINE

 Lori Pearlstein was nominated for a Pixie Award for her performance in THE BRIS (featured on The Sundance Channel).

"Lori Pearlstein finally came up with a name for her show: BABY X. Drop by to congratulate her, and see comics from NBC, CBS, Comedy Central and HBO..TIME OUT NEW YORK

 Lori's weekly comedy show BABY X was selected as a Voice Choice by THE VILLAGE VOICE

"I attended the fall ACTRA conference; got a chance to listen to Canadian actor Michael Riley...everything  he said about the craft and finding your way was exactly what you taught me. You are awesome!…Of course I also have you to thank for your gritty no holds bar approach to teaching. You da best! I always took notes and it has helped immensely in my acting journey."

George Sekanina

"You are a joyful delight. I much enjoyed your class, your perspective, your knowledge...your have a way of saying it like it is...with honesty and passion!"

Dawna Marie Wright

"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed and benefited from your knowledge and insights. I think you are an absolute delight. Engaging, animated, funny, professional, honest and interesting.  There are lots of phony, delusional people in this business, so I’m always happy to meet and be exposed to someone of your caliber. 

Charles Gordon

Thanks so much for all your help. with my audition.  I found out I got accepted to the theatre program today. You really helped me step it up and I'm so grateful.


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