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Improv Classes for Children in Toronto

Since 2010 Playworks has been offering programs for ages 6 and up. We give born performers and those who need to break out of their shell a chance to express themselves. Lori and her trusted staff are committed to building individual confidence and sending children off with skills that will empower them for life. We have taught in over 40 schools and offer weekend classes at various locations in the GTA. After working on the casting for the first DOVE self-esteem campaign, Lori was inspired to use Acting, Improv & CBT to help boost confidence. She is also known as a reputable coach for people looking to break into acting, polish up on audition techniques, speech writing/presenting and is a certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Coach

Lori serves as the President of

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I posted this video a wk into lockdown just for friends, but now more than ever; I think we should let go of the need for "perfection" and  embrace being "real".
So, I decided to share my thoughts publicly.

We're taking requests for days/times so we can accommodate as many groups as possible.

To schedule a workshop or party:   416 648 9055


Creative Camps for Children
Acting & Improv Classes for Children
Acting & Auditions for Children
Anti Bullying Workshops for Children
Improv Themed Birthday Parties
Girl's Club Creative Workshops


In improv there are no “lead” roles, everyone is on the same playing field. Players learn how to act, think quicker on their feet, work as team, and improve public speaking. Boys & girls are empowered, they have a blast and learn valuable life skills at the same time! 

Virtual & in person options available 



We offer week-long summer & holiday creative camps. A typical day includes: improvisation games, acting, writing & performing commercials, arts & crafts, sports, music videos and other fun camp activities. *Outdoors as much as possible. Bring your own “peanut free” lunch.  With the challenges this summer brings we have small in person offerings & virtual offering. For more info 416 648 9055 



The players develop the play based on a theme through improv. No auditions, they create their part and all of their strengths are incorporated. Students learn how to come up with new ideas, improve at changing direction on the spot, how to memorize lines and become more comfortable performing. 

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Instead of telling students what to do when being  bullied, they role play scenarios. By being put on the spot in a safe environment, they'll gain tools to deal situations in the future. Focusing on kindness has proven to be effective and empowering. We've run these workshops in hundreds of schools in thr GTA with positive results.


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​Give your child a party to remember.  We'll personalize the day to suit their interests. They can dress up, make up a play, a movie, learn a dance, sing karaoke, design t-shirts, or play fun improv games.  We’ve done it all: Enchanted Forest, Super Heroes, Rock Stars, Pirates, Under the Sea and Princesses.

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With a different creative workshop each week: Acting, Yoga, Art, Karaoke, Dance, Improv and Comedy; girls express themselves, build confidence and deal with bullying through play. They celebrate their strengths, weaknesses and differences through self expression, laughter & paying it forward.


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"Morgan and Zane both had an amazing time in their classes today. Thank you!” 



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