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Do you want to get more comfortable with change? Be a stronger communicator? Take more risks? Laugh a little more, “Unplug”?

No judgement. We all have something we want to work on and that’s where PlayWorks comes in. We've been 


Whether you're 6 or 60, once you try one of our sessions; you’ll become more comfortable being uncomfortable, you’ll be more adaptable, you’ll be a better communicator, you’ll learn how to be in the moment and if you’re not careful, you might even have fun.


“Build A Bridge And Get Over It”

Those 7 words have led me to more valuable lessons than I count; as an actor, comedian, and as an entrepreneur. 

We all have “stuff” to overcome but without the tools to “get over” them, we can feel stuck. At PlayWorks we use the principles of Improv as the bridge, so you can develop the confidence to face challenges. It’s that confidence, my interactive method is designed to unlock. 

Improv Classes & Workshops for Children
Team Building & Public Speaking
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It was really nice meeting you yesterday. Your workshop was incredible! You made improv look so easy…when really…improv is just being yourself---so how hard is that? Thanks again….!  I’m hoping I’ll be able to put your tips to good use!"



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